Quality Policy

To create stable resources that will ensure the continuation of Nil Petrol works and to combine the past knowledge and experiences with today’s knowledge and technologies.

To develop and improve continuously the processes having influence on the success and quality of Nil Petrol,
To lower costs by ensuring healthy and effective establishment of quality management system,
To create qualified manpower with qualified and experienced employees for realization of activities,
To regard the customers as the most important value, to add new values in every business performed and companies by dint of its competitive power – productivity, to customers with its high quality, forms the main idea of quality policy of Nil Petrol.
To strengthen the image of Nil Petrol in our country and in the international market by enhancing the efficiency of the management and inspection are among its quality targets.
The quality is a process required to be constant and be developed continuously rather than a target that will be reached for our company. Nil Petrol will provide ‘constant improvement, development and growth’ by reviewing the appropriateness of system conditions in compliance with legal obligations and customer satisfaction with quality target and policies.